Mission Media – Free Websites for Causes, Missionaries & Humanitarian Groups


annotation_thumb_480_53For a couple of years, I’ve had a new project in mind that will provide missionaries, causes and humanitarian groups with a free WordPress website, and all of the social pages that they need to connect their cause to the world, including free hosting and site maintenance. I’m talking here about groups that are not already sponsored or funded by large organizations that officially ‘send’ out world changers. We want to focus on helping groups that have an established work, however small – grass roots workers that don’t have the means to have effective, professional marketing support.

How are we going to achieve this? Brichouse Media will design, develop and host the websites at no cost to the cause, missionary or humanitarian group. We will also create and network the social media pages.  Minimal funds are needed to cover labor and development costs for each project. Our goal is to create a selection of websites that a client can choose from, and then replicate this process with each new client. We plan to find sponsors, in addition to grants and donations. We welcome individuals to sponsor a specific website project (for a cause they care about), or to financially support a general fund to be used on all of the mission sites. We plan to establish this project under a non-profit status, thus providing a tax deduction for sponsors and donors.

When you think about it, people on the front lines, are way too busy doing what they are called to do – Serving people in need. They typically cannot afford a website, let alone the marketing support that would allow them to publicize and socialize their cause to planet Earth. The power of the internet is available and free, but they need the vehicle of a website and social media to connect to people who want join their mission as volunteers or to contribute to their cause. Sadly, some of the most amazing world changers are the least publicized because no one knows who they are or what they are doing. IF they have a website, which is unlikely, it’s usually an outdated, poorly designed site that no one can even find if they wanted to. These people, of all people, deserve to have a platform to share their message.

Imagine trying to run a business without a great website to market your company, connect with your customers, and process financial transactions? In the age of the internet, it’s a basic necessity. Why are missionaries and humanitarian groups any different? Of all the people that need the benefits of the internet, these individuals do. The internet has no national boundaries; it crosses all religious, political and ethnic obstacles, and connects people together from all corners of the globe. It’s extremely important for underfunded and unknown world changers to have all the tools they need to accomplish their purpose.

Not only do missionaries, causes and humanitarian groups deserve a strong web presence, but they need to connect their cause to the masses through social media. Pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google & Linkedin. There are untold millions of people on these sites each day, so we have the unprecedented opportunity to literally connect with people from all nations and walks of life with one ‘click’.

As we know, most causes, missionaries and humanitarian groups are running on little to no budget and they have few IT resources. Especially in 3rd world countries where they may not even have access to basic necessities. Having the ability to reach out beyond their local mission work and connect with potential supporters is vitally important. Interestingly enough, even in the most remote parts of the world, people have some form on internet access. If we have a client that does not have internet access, we can provide oversight to ensure that their website and social pages are updated, managed and secure.

Our goal at Brichouse Media, is to create a media bundle that is fully outfitted with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so that the sites can be easily found by search engines like Google, and the public. We plan to create a custom WordPress site, with the potential to share video & audio, blog, email, conduct eCommerce and receive donations. We will host these sites on Brichouse Media servers. The goal is to create the media bundle, train the site owner to manage their site and social pages. Brichouse will be available if the site owner needs our assistance or if they are unable to access the internet, we can manage all of their needs.

Our long-term goal is to create and host 1000’s of these sites. We are actively seeking sponsors and grants that will make this possible. If you or anyone you know, may be interested in sponsoring a website project, or volunteering your time and talent, we would welcome you to contact us at maureen@brichouse.com, or call 469-855-9788. You can also connect with us our social pages: Twitter @MBrichetto, LinkedIn, Google+ – Brichouse Media, or my personal Facebook page. 

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