Sponsor A New Website For Your Favorite Cause!


Do you know of an outstanding person or cause, that is currently under represented on the web?

They need a new website with social pages, video channels, e-commerce, and more? Many people, causes and non-profits just don’t have the marketing budget (or the time), to focus on actually ‘marketing’ themselves, or their cause. Why? They are too busy doing what they are called to do.


We at Brichouse Media are passionate about people and causes like this. We would love to create beautiful, SEOptimized websites for these people, along with social sites, video sites and any other medium that helps great people and causes to market themselves.

The challenge? We need your help. Is there a person or a cause that you would consider sponsoring? For an extremely powerful media bundle, we are looking to cover our cost. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor your favorite person or cause.