Why Are We Different?


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So why is Brichouse Media different? 

In the world of media companies, (and there are so many different kinds of “media” companies these days!), there’s a plethora of choices. It’s dizzying!

Over the past few years, Brichouse has worked for clients of all sizes and budgets. We’ve worked with some of the largest TV networks in the world, and also many single individuals & small businesses. We have clients who need our assistance with one-time projects, or they retain our company on a monthly basis and also some who utilize our concierge services only as needed.

In all instances, Brichouse provides the same level of commitment and service and in all of these engagements, Brichouse doesn’t pass along our overhead to our clients. So, if a client just needs a personal “Go-To” assistant for a particular project, that’s what they get. They don’t have to hire on a whole team.

What does that mean? If our client is a single individual, a small group, or a large company, a dedicated Project Manager works directly with them, and if needed, we bring together a team of various skill-sets to complete a project. We scale up or down based on the scope of our clients need. Many of our clients work directly with the same person on every project which really helps to ensure continuity and also, we become very familiar with our clients expectations and they really get to know that they can rely on us.

Our projects typically include one or more of the following: public relations, internet marketing, SEO, website analysis (source code & on-page SEO), website design, social media, copy writing & digital content for websites, social pages or newsletters & blogs, and creating Wikipedia articles (in full compliance to Wiki standards).

We are very flexible and work within a wide range of budgets, so there’s a good fit for everyone. No job is too small, and all of our clients receive the one-on-one attention that they deserve.