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Google SEO by Brichouse Media

Whether you are creating a new website, or you need to upgrade your existing site, making sure your site is fully optimized (SEO), is the first step. Brichouse Media can greatly improve your site’s ranking and visibility on Google. We follow Google’s best SEO recommendations, which will increase page rank, brand recognition and site traffic. Read more about the steps we take to add SEO to your website…

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Mission Media – Free Websites for Causes, Missionaries & Humanitarian Groups

Brichouse Media plans to create free Wordpress websites for mission and humanitarian groups who otherwise have no means to market their cause. This media bundle, will include SEO, video & audio, blogs, email, and the ability to to receive donations and conduct eCommerce. We will host these sites on Brichouse Media servers, train our clients, and maintain the sites. We welcome anyone or any organization that can volunteer talent or funds to make this project a success.

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Street Evangelism Ministry of Pakistan

Website designed by Brichouse Media for our missionary friends Street Evangelism Ministry of Pakistan. This site, and others, are donated to the missionary.

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The ‘Passion of the Christ’ Movie Promo Banner on Facebook

Our client was given exclusive rights to air Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ on their network for 6 weeks. In a coordinated marketing initiative, we created a new landing page and an application on our clients Facebook fan page, which automatically updated the ‘Next Showtime’ for The Passion movie. Our client added over 50,000 new fans to their page during this promotion.

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Seedtime Church

We converted our client’s existing website to a Wordpress platform, added eCommerce, and SEO. Their old site was hard wired and not SEO friendly. Wordpress is designed to maximize a websites ranking on the search engines, and it is also easy for a client to manage once it is developed. This provides an additional cost savings for the client. Our clients are authors, so another goal of this project was to help them promote book sales on the web.

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Love is in Bloom Florist

Love is in Bloom is the specialty design studio affiliated with Southlake Florist & Gifts, in Southlake TX. Our client received a prestigious award for her work in 2011 – The Best of Southlake. Out client’s goal was to create a website for her boutique floral shop which reflected the level of quality her clients can expect when they order her custom designs. Our client also wanted us to create a site which gave her full eCommerce capabilities so that her customers could easily and securely order her designs online. We were very excited about this project, and honored to work with Love is in Bloom. A fun, creative and beautiful subject – Flowers!

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TBN Newswire

TBN Newswire is all about connecting people to our client. Our client has an amazing story to tell, and this site was designed to do just that. This project has several goals. This site compliments our clients primary website, while providing an additional web property that is uniquely different. The site provides access to information about our client’s multiple TV networks, their history, On Demand archives of their most popular TV shows, social sites, and the latest news. It’s also very interactive. This site was designed so that our client’s partners can connect with them easily via posts on each page, emails, and prayer requests. http://tbnnewswire.com

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Daystar’s Refreshing Times Conference – Facebook Promotion & Registration

Brichouse Media designed Daystar TV’s Facebook promotion for their annual Refreshing Times Conference. Speakers: Perry Stone, John Paul Jackson, Donnie McClurkin, Marcus Lamb, and Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers. http://www.daystar.com/rtc/

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Berean Pathway Ministries

The Berean Pathway Ministry project, is a good example of our goal to equip small non-profit’s, ministries, and individuals with an affordable, ‘bundled’ marketing package. One that enables them to reach their partners around the world on multiple internet platforms. Web, social media, mobile, video channels, and commerce. Sites that are strategically designed with a fully optimized content management system, and original SEO copy which ‘will’ rank on the search engines. Sites that provide downloadable video and audio, prayer, contact forms, emails, donation portals, and links to social and video sites.

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Second Chance Prison Ministry

Second Chance is TBN’s outreach to prisoners, and their families. Through this program, TBN provides up to four of its diverse faith-based networks, along with the equipment necessary to receive them, to prisons, jails, juvenile facilities, and rehabilitation and reentry centers, all completely free of charge. The goal of the Second Chance Facebook project was to provide a social venue where families of prisoners could connect with the Second Chance program, and each other. https://www.facebook.com/TBNSecondChance

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