Website Design


Your website and social pages are an extension of each other. In today’s internet culture, people search the web to find out more about you.

What they find on the first page of search engine results will determine their opinion of you in seconds.


The key to successfully positioning your brand on the web?

  • A competitive website designed with the best SEO practices
  • Social pages that are connected to your website and with each other
  • Active website and social pages – New and constantly updated content is the primary reason that search engines like Google will rank your site on page one. New content like blogs, videos, images, and an active eCommerce site.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing, or paid advertising

Your website will not rank if it is outdated, static, and if you are not actively working your social sites.Google loves activity and links between web pages. Brichouse Media provides a variety of services that will position your brand on the web with a clear path between your website and social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Wikipedia and others.

We design websites for large and small groups. If you are looking for an affordable, custom designed website, social pages, or smaller microsites, we provide:

  • Custom Website Design – New websites with SEO
  • Website Conversion to WordPress – Move old sites to WordPress and add SEO
  • Website Redesign – Add SEO and new design features
  • Mobile Websites – iPad and mobile phone websites
  • Ecommerce – Design new shops or move existing shops
  • Blogs – Website blogs, or stand alone microsites
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Add to new or existing websites
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – Paid internet marketing
  • Social Media Strategy – Create new or redesign existing and add content
  • Content Adds and Edits – Ongoing updates to websites and social pages
  • SEO copywriting – Creating copy that will rank

Website Design and Upgrades

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you are on the web, have you given your site an evaluation recently? Is your site appealing to visitors? What kind of user experience are they having? Are your social pages connected and interactive with your website?  Maybe you need the eyes of an objective third party to tell you whether your site is operating at maximum efficiency.

  • You’d be amazed by how many site owners don’t know that they have no or little SEO on their website. REMEMBER – each page, image, video or other content needs to be optimized. Also, your Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is what Google analyzes to determine what your site contains. Many website owners assume that the site designer added SEO, but most designers don’t do this, so site owners don’t realize their site is outdated, and basically invisible to the search engines. If you have 50 pages on your website, with SEO, all 50 of them have the potential to show up on page one of the search engines.

Also, things change over time and in order to stay abreast of the most advanced ideas on the web, it’s always best to revise your web site periodically and keep it up-to-date. Using Google’s recommendations for Best SEO Practices, we will edit and update the HTML code on your existing site so that it is optimized and ‘search engine friendly’, or add new content, new images, new video, new links and more..

Mobile Web Design

When was the last time you looked at your website from your smart phone or a tablet device like an iPad?  You might be surprised to learn that the layout, the graphics and the design are not showing up correctly because desktop websites were not created to be seen on a mobile device.  If the design is not optimized and laid out correctly, the viewer may see the wrong content or worse they may view what appears to be a disorganized arrangement of words and design.